About Us


Launched in 2016, our mission is to be the premier employment job board for the healthcare industry. Our site is free to job seekers and employers can post their jobs for a nominal fee (see Rates for details).

Why a niche job board?

When an employer posts opportunities on a generalist job board, they aren’t just targeting industry professionals—they are targeting everyone. At cityhealthcarejobs.com, we focus our marketing toward real, industry-specific candidates. This eliminates the need to filter through countless unqualified or out-of-industry applicants—resulting in a more refined, better qualified, higher quality candidate pool.

Why a daily rate?

No Contracts or Commitments.

Rather than charging an up-front flat fee for 30- or 60-day job postings, cityhealthcarejobs.com offers competitive pricing on a pay for what you use system, billed in arrears. Our rate is $10/day for the first job, and $5/day for the next eight jobs. Any additional jobs are at no additional fee. Whether posting 10 jobs or 100 jobs, the maximum daily rate is only $50.