Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information

How do I register an account?
Please click Register located at the top of the page. Fill in the blanks, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and then click Create Account. Now you are ready to find your dream job or industry candidates!
I am having problems logging into my account. What should I do?
First ask yourself do I have an account? If you have registered an account, click Login and then Forgot your password?. Your account will be temporarily locked if there are too many failed login attempts within a short period of time. If this happens, your account will be reset within 30 minutes, allowing you to login. If you have not registered an account, you first need to register an account before logging in. See How do I register an account? above.
How do I change my email, password, name, or location?
Want to change your name from Batman to Bruce Wayne or drop your email account? All of these functions can be found on the same page. After logging in, click on your name and then My Account at the top-right. Click the Settings tab, change the desired fields, and click the respective button to make update your account.
How do I update/change my resume?
After logging in, click on your name and then My Account at the top-right. Click the File Manager tab. You can upload or delete files by hovering over the filename and clicking the Delete link. To change the contents of a file, the file must be downloaded by clicking the filename and modifying it using your own software. The edited file can then be uploaded to the site and used to apply for jobs.
How do I delete my account?
Unverified accounts are automatically deleted after 30 days. If you would like your account deleted for any reason, please tell us using the contact page.

Browsing & Applying for Jobs

How are jobs ordered and displayed?
Jobs are displayed in descending order by date posted (newest jobs at the top) by default.
How is job distance calculated?
We take the location associated with your account and use magic to determine how far away you are from a job. You can edit your location by clicking your name and then My Account at the top-right and going to the Settings tab.
How do I upload multiple files, such as a cover letter and resume?
After logging in, click the My Account link in the top-right. Click the File Manager tab. You can upload or delete files by hovering over the filename and clicking Delete.
Why can't I use my login to apply for a job?
Most employers have their own applicant tracking system that all candidates must use regardless of where they found the job. The website and backend database is a closed system where employers and third party software does not have access to your information to your account.

Posting Jobs & Reaching Candidates

How do I create a brand?
Under My Account, click the Brand Manager tab. Click Create Brand Template and you will be prompted for the new brand details.
How do I post a job?
Under My Account, click the Job Postings tab. Click Create Job Posting at the bottom of the page you will be prompted for the new job posting details. After creating the job, click Actions and then Activate to make the job publicly available on the site.
How long will my job be posted?
All jobs expire automatically after 30 days. If you would like your job posted longer, click Actions and then Autorenew and your job will automatically be reposted for an additional 30 days when it expires.
How do I edit a job?
Under My Account, click the Job Postings tab. Click Actions and then Edit Job.
How do I make my job confidential so that the company name does not appear on the job?
To post a job without employer information, simply create a new brand with the name 'Confidential' or otherwise. Brands are not linked, so there is no way for a candidate to associate a confidential brand or job posting with your other existing brands.
How do I post a job with multiple locations?
Each job is associated with one location due to our database structure and pricing scheme. Multiple jobs can be created and posted for multiple locations using the Clone action or a job can be posted with the location 'Anywhere' with additional details on location posted within the job title.
Can I use an XML feed to post my jobs?
Yes! By using an XML feed, you are subject to our XML feed Terms & Conditions, which states that we may need some lead time if you choose to disable the feed in the future. Please use the contact page to inquire about setting up your XML feed.
How does drive candidates to my job postings?
In addition to organic web traffic, has an extensive marketing program to drive candidates to job postings including targeted paid advertising on job board aggregators (Indeed, Ziprecruiter, etc.), social media (Facebook, etc.), and major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). We also remarket to everyone who visits through Facebook and Google whom we know are actively seeking opportunties.
Why is my job not getting any applicants?
Most searches are keyword based. If you do not have a keyword-rich job posting, your postings may not be reaching your desired audience. Brand headers and footers are used in searches, so be sure to include keywords that describe your company as well as the job.
How can I find out how many times my jobs were viewed?
We have a HUGE analytics database and our site generates millions of pieces of data each month. If you're interested in seeing the numbers, please contact us using the contact page.

Employer Fees & Billing Process

Am I charged for inactive jobs?
No. Only active jobs are used to calculate job posting fees.
How do I update my credit card information?
After logging in, click your name then My Account at the top-right. Click the Settings tab and your credit card information will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Update the necessary fields and click Update Credit Card.
Can we do a 7-day free trial?
No. We do not offer free trials for a variety of reasons.
Is your pricing negotiable?
No. For many of the same reasons we do not offer free trials, we do not negotiate our prices either. Every employer on the site is subject to the pricing listed on our rates page.
Do you have any promotions right now?
We offer promotional pricing a few times per year for new employers on the site. If you would like to find out about potential promotions, please contact us!
Does it cost money to set up an account?
No. Creating an account is free, but active job postings are subject to job posting fees.
How much does job posting automation cost?
Job posting automation is available at no additional charge. Contact us to get setup.
Are there any hidden fees?
Absolutely not. We hate hidden fees just as much or more than you do!
How does billing work?
All charges are accrued during the month and your credit card will be charged in US dollars to settle your balance on the last day of each month. That means all charges incurred in January will be settled January 31st, February on February 28th, etc. You will receive an automated email with a billing statement for your records on the last day of each month.

Additional Employer Services

How do I request job posting automation?
Very carefully. Job posting automation is available for no extra charge, so contact us so we can get you setup!
Do you have a resume database?
No. We do not sell employers access to a resume database for a variety of reasons.
Do you do email blasts?
No. However, we do send out newsletters and other emails to candidates regularly which prominently display our current featured jobs and nearby job postings.
How do featured jobs work?
We limit featured jobs to five (5) at any given time and they are displayed prominently throughout the site. In order to ensure featured jobs remain featured and available to all employers, featured jobs are determined through an auction-based system where employers bid on featured job slots. Each day, the jobs with the top five bids are displayed in descending order in the featured job sections throughout the site.
Do you sell banner ad space?
Yes...but it is very expensive. We offer run-of-site banner advertising in a highly competitive niche with a high click thru rate. Please contact us for more details.
Can you wash my Airstream? Is that included in the price?
We can, but it’s not included with your account. If you would still like the crew to wash your Airstream please note the only place we trust is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which means we'll have to borrow it for a few weeks (as long as it has WiFi).

Technical Questions

What browsers are supported by
Unless you are trying to access our website from you outdated PS2 you should be good. That being said, we support Internet Explorer 6-8 (with Google Chrome Frame plugin), Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
What kind of security does use?
No jokes about washing your Airstream here. We take security very seriously and all webpages use 128-bit secure socket layer encryption as indicated by the padlock icon in the address bar. As an added layer of security, your credit card information is not stored on our servers. Credit card information is stored on our credit card processor's website, supports over 375,000 online businesses, processes over $88 billion in transactions annually, and has been the leader in online credit card processing for nearly 20 years.

Still have questions? Let us know using the contact page.